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(In my best deep, sexy voice...) Let Gingy be your gingerbread man... bow-chicka-bow-wow...
"Hey.  My name is Messy.  I'm in my 30's... and I play with Legos."
Everyone all together now,
"Hi Messy."

I have always had a fascination with Legos.  As a kid, Legos were little, colorful, assorted blocks of wonderment that assisted me in creating a land of miniature families, houses and non-aero-dynamic cars.  Legos were a catalyst for my imagination, where little yellow men and little yellow women lived in perfect harmony... until my naked Barbie Godzilla with the bad haircut ransacked their villages, destroying their homes and vehicles, leaving a trail of horrific, broken Lego-Man dreams behind her.  Bwah-ha-ha-ha.... 

Oh.  Shit.  Sorry.  Got sidetracked....

As an adult, Legos are suppose to be viewed as little building blocks of expensive, messy, foot penetrating hell-on-earth that are marketed to our children with such a force, that the only way for us to have a little moment of peace and quiet is to shell out $120 for a 1000 piece set that will never be constructed to its original design, but inevitably will just end up being a huge tower of assorted colorful blocks reaching up the your kid's ceiling.  

But the funny thing is, I don't feel that way.  Yes, that's right... I still play with Legos.

Now, I don’t play with Legos like I use to as a child.  I don’t spend a better portion of a day building an actually working commuter train with public transportation station, so that I can demolish all my hard work in one, quick swoop by some unattainable female body form with a bone to pick with her hair dresser. 

No.  I build it.  Display it.  And don’t you dare touch it or so help me….

I have also been using my business as an excuse to buy and play with Legos.  I have purchased several Lego Mini-Figures in the past few months and they are now available for your “wearing” pleasure.   
These are my Lego Chicken Man Earrings.  The Man in the Chicken Suit Mini-figure was what originally inspired me to create Lego jewelry.  How can a man in a chicken suit not overwhelm one with inspiration?!?
You can see these in my shop here:

Another unhealthy obsession of mine is Wonder Woman.  After all, she is a female superhero and an Amazon.  I too feel like a superhero at times, and I am almost 6' tall... so yeah...  I'm not saying I'm Wonder Woman, but I'm just saying that no one has ever seen Wonder Woman and myself in the same room together....


Cute is Yoda.  Purchase you must.  Do.  There is no maybe.

When these earrings you buy, good you will look, hmmm?


To see more of my excuses to buy Legos, or any of my other creations, head over to my Etsy Shop.  www.creativityismessy.etsy.com