I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions.  I usually set some hefty goal and fail within the first couple of weeks, so I try not to even think about it most years.  However, I have but one simple "resolution" this year...

This year is going to be the YEAR OF HANDMADE!! (echoes: made... made... made...)

I, Messy in the Head, do solemnly swear to give the gift of handmade items for at least 80% of the gifts I give this year.  Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or National Taco Day, I plan on either making the gifts with my own two hands or purchasing the gifts from a fellow craftsman.  This is my pledge.

Now... with 4 family birthdays and a special anniversary happening this month alone, I am already off to a rocky start.  I have purchase 2 gifts from "commercial retail" establishments already.  They creeped up on me and I panicked.  However, I plan on making it up.  I already have an idea for a gift to make for my sweets on our "anniversary", and  I have been scanning Etsy and Pinterest all day saving/pinning items to consider for birthdays later this year. 

Now, don't mistake me for one of those people who are against big box stores and mass produced items.  Hello!  My name is Messy and (this is hard to admit) I love stores like Target and World Market and Old Navy (actually it's not that hard to admit).  However, I always try to encourage myself to give handmade and DIY items because to me they show that you want to give the gift of originality... the gift of something different.  To me it says, "You are a one-of-a-kind person, and I wanted to give you a one-of-a-kind gift".   I love the feeling I get when someone opens a gift from me and says "Oh my gawd... this is so awesome!  Did you make it?"  It's music to my ears.

And as long as I plan accordingly, I know I can make it to my goal of 80% handmade!

Who's with me?!?

For a great, super-easy DIY gift idea, check out my Instagram magnet tutorial here:

For some awesome, one-of-a-kind gift ideas, check out my shop:

Every once in a while, I come across something (or someone) so awesome that I feel the need to tell everyone I know about what I have found.  Today is one of those days!!  (You're welcome!)

Christmas is just around the corner!  Do you still need to send out Christmas cards?  Do you want to find a way to spice up the packaging for your otherwise boring gift cards?  Do you want to be the talk of the neighborhood with amazingly packaged sweet treats for the whole block?  If any of these apply to you, you NEED to check out Claudine Hellmuth on Etsy.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/claudinehellmuth

Claudine isn't new to Etsy by any means, but apparently I've been living under a rock or something and just recently found her unique little shop.  I'm totally in love with her adorable illustrations.  And the most awesome part of her shop?  Everything is an instant download.  So you just purchase, print and... BAM!  Gift done! Crack a beer!  (Okay, sometimes there is assembly required... but you know what I mean...)

Although I already purchased goodie "treat bags" for the neighbors and our Christmas cards are already sent, I am seriously considering purchasing some of her adorable gift card holders.  How cute would these be filled with iTunes cards for all the hard-to-shop-for teenagers in my life?!?

If you are anything like me, the idea of going out in the cold at the butt-crack of dawn, while standing in endless lines and playing "bumper carts" with a store full of hostile, inconsiderate shoppers sounds less than appealing.  It doesn't matter if it is Black Friday or just a random Tuesday during the holiday season... I hate shopping during this time of year. 

Therefor, I am starting a movement.  While we already have "Cyber Monday", I'd like to see us take it to the next level.  That's right!  I'm starting the "Be Like Messy" holiday challenge!!  I challenge all of you to spend just one day this holiday season shopping on-line while relaxing around the house in your underwear, drinking your coffee... or whiskey... or whiskey and coffee, all while in the safe, warm, quiet environment of your own home. 

If you would like to start your challenge this weekend, I have just the place for you!  Etsy sellers has some killer deals every year that start on Black Friday and run through Cyber Monday.  My shop included.  Not only can you take the challenge and shop in your skivvies this weekend, but you can find some awesome, unique, hand-made gifts for your loved ones there too!  Win-win!!

Go to www.etsy.com to search for awesome deals on unique items

If you are interested in checking out my shop, go to
Everything in the shop is 15% off now until end of the day Monday, December 2nd.

Take the challenge today!
I've been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook lately about having something to be thankful about every day.  You know... "Day 11:  I'm Thankful for my sweet children that keep me humble and make me feel loved every single day."  My feed is completely bombarded with warm, fuzzy feelings of thankfulness.  It's a little nauseating.

Now don't get me wrong... I am very blessed.  And I thank God every day for what he has given to me.  The good... the bad... and everything in between.  Because everything happens for a reason.  Either it is a blessing or a lesson.  And I am extremely thankful for every blessing and every lesson he has bestowed upon me.

However, if I were to choose something different and specific to be thankful for every single day for the entire month of November, I'd either have to A) fudge the truth a little so that my "thoughts of thankfulness" were all warm and pleasant, or B) be honest and have a list that went something like this.... (in no particular order)....

  • Day 1: I am most thankful for my daughter.  She makes me proud and gives me gray hairs every single day.
  • Day 2: I am thankful for hair dye.
  • Day 3: I am thankful for my parents and for the fact that they didn't drown me when I was a teenager.
  • Day 4: I am thankful for my siblings.  Growing up they showed me love.  They taught me humility.  And most importantly, they taught me not to do what they did, or at least not to get caught doing it.
  • Day 5: I am thankful for my amazing boyfriend.  He makes me proud.  He makes me laugh.  He makes me smile.  He always makes me feel loved... and he best keep that shit up if he knows what's good for him!
  • Day 6: I am thankful that my boyfriend had three wonderful, beautiful children... and then a vasectomy. 
  • Day 7: I am thankful for vasectomies.
  • Day 8: I am thankful for sarcasm.  Without it, I would have to say what I really thought and everyone would think I was a complete asshole.
  • Day 9: I am thankful for beer. 
  • Day 10: I am thankful for coffee.  It's like a warm, beautiful hug in the morning.  It makes waking up bearable.  It's the perfect drink to get you through your day... or at least until it is socially acceptable to start drinking beer.
  • Day 11: I am thankful for those that served or are currently serving in our military.  It's Veterans Day... If you thought I was going to say something sarcastic, I'm sorry to disappoint.   
  • Day 12: I am thankful for my friends.  Most of them as stuck by me through many, many crapstorms.  I don't know if they just truly love me, or if they were waiting to see what the hell would or could happen next.  Either way, I'm extremely appreciative they came along for the ride. 
  • Day 13: I am thankful for Salsa.  I put that shit on everything!
  • Day 14: I am thankful for music.  But only good music.  I AM NOT thankful for that garbage Justin Beiber spews out of his pretentious little pie-hole.
  • Day 15: I am thankful for men with beards and tattoos.  Making my knees weak since 1996. 
  • Day 16: I am thankful for whomever invented "Movember" or "No-Shave November" or whatever you want to call it.  Convince men not to shave their facial hair in order to promote men's health... Genius! 
  • Day 17: I am thankful for beer.
  • Day 18: I am thankful for my dogs.  And dogs in general.  I swear, those goofy bastards keep me from having to be severely medicated.
  • Day 19: I am thankful that I am allergic to cats.  It gives me an excuse not to have one of those temperamental little fucktards.
  • Day 20: I am thankful for warm, fresh baked bread.  Not that I make my own bread.  Ever.  But when I get bread, like at a store or restaurant, and it's still all warm all over,  and soft on the inside... yeah.... that's the bomb.
  • Day 21: I am thankful for my sense of humor and those that understand it.  Life is short people!  Laugh!  Even at the stupid shit!
  • Day 22: I am thankful for toilet paper.  And we all should be.  2-ply for life baby!  Boo-ya!!
  • Day 23: I am thankful for flannel.  Flannel shirts, flannel pants, flannel sheets... I live in that shit when it's cold outside...
  • Day 24: I am thankful for social media and the internet.  Now I will never have to go to a class reunion to reunite with people I chose not to keep in touch with in the first place.
  • Day 25: I am thankful for more beer.
  • Day 26: I am thankful for... I can't believe I am about to say this... MY JOB.  Sure, there are days that I fall asleep at my desk because it is so boring and mundane... and there are days I feel like throwing my stapler at certain people's heads... but it could always be worse. It could be better... but it could also be worse. 
  • Day 27: I am thankful for spell check.  I'd sound like a complete idiot without it.
  • Day 28: I am thankful for turkey and mash potatoes and stuffing and rolls and pumpkin pie... but not that cranberry shit.  That shit is awful! 
  • Day 29: I am thankful for antacid.
  • Day 30: I am thankful that this month is finally over and I can go back to just being generally thankful for everything.
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This is a tutorial I am reposting from my old blog.  The holidays are coming and I thought I'd share this super-easy, super-cheap, but super-awesome gift idea with you all (again)!
This idea was orginally for a Father's Day gift for my Boyfriend, but I think it would make wonderful Christmas gifts as well!  Especially for parents and grandparents!!

I have an Instagram account with many photos of my boyfriend, his children and his Chocolate Lab, Mattie. He LOVES pictures and is always asking me to "Print Out" the good ones.  After much thought, I decided to make him magnets with some of my favorite shots of his family.  It was super easy, so I thought I would share this little 'how-to" with you!

These are the "Materials" that I used:
  • My Smartphone
  • Instagram Account
  • Diptic Account (other apps also work for this part. PicFrame is another of my favorites.)
  • A place to print Instagram photos (if you don't want to print at home, Walgreens has an app for your smartphone that allows you to print direct from Instagram onto 4x4 sheets you can pick up at their photo center)
  • Magnet Sheets with a sticky side

I first used my Diptic application.  I chose the layout (under "classic") with 4 square frames equal in size.  I selected 4 of my favorite pictures and placed them into each of the squares.  Then I saved it as a picture onto my phone.

Next, I used my Instagram app.  I chose the photo I had just made in Diptic, added a little Instagram flare, and them saved it to Instagram. I actually made 2 sets of four this way.

Next using my Walgreens smartphone application, I uploaded the two Intagram photos and had them printed at my local Walgreens. They turned out great by the way.  Wonderful quality, quick turn around, and they were only .39 each.


Once I had the prints, I purchased magnet sheets at Hobby Lobby.  I chose the sheets with one sticky side, so that I wouldn't have to glue the photos myself.  I strongly suggest this.  It obviously makes the whole process quicker and easier, but also you don't have to worry about the possibility of your photos getting ruined by the glue.

I simply stuck each photo onto a sheet, cut off the excess magnet, then cut each 2" x 2" square with a sharp pair of scissors.
The end result was a quick, easy and inexpensive gift that my boyfriend loved!  I can't wait to make more!!
A little update since I first created this tutorial....
I've made more.  In fact, I've made a ton more.  Our refrigerator at home is litterally covered in the damn things. 
But seriously...  They are so easy and so inexpensive, yet they make such a cool, unique gift.  Make some.  Just do it.  In fact, make a metric shit-ton and cover every single magnet surface you can find with them.  They're little 2" squares of joy.  You'll thank me.