This is a tutorial I am reposting from my old blog.  The holidays are coming and I thought I'd share this super-easy, super-cheap, but super-awesome gift idea with you all (again)!
This idea was orginally for a Father's Day gift for my Boyfriend, but I think it would make wonderful Christmas gifts as well!  Especially for parents and grandparents!!

I have an Instagram account with many photos of my boyfriend, his children and his Chocolate Lab, Mattie. He LOVES pictures and is always asking me to "Print Out" the good ones.  After much thought, I decided to make him magnets with some of my favorite shots of his family.  It was super easy, so I thought I would share this little 'how-to" with you!

These are the "Materials" that I used:
  • My Smartphone
  • Instagram Account
  • Diptic Account (other apps also work for this part. PicFrame is another of my favorites.)
  • A place to print Instagram photos (if you don't want to print at home, Walgreens has an app for your smartphone that allows you to print direct from Instagram onto 4x4 sheets you can pick up at their photo center)
  • Magnet Sheets with a sticky side

I first used my Diptic application.  I chose the layout (under "classic") with 4 square frames equal in size.  I selected 4 of my favorite pictures and placed them into each of the squares.  Then I saved it as a picture onto my phone.

Next, I used my Instagram app.  I chose the photo I had just made in Diptic, added a little Instagram flare, and them saved it to Instagram. I actually made 2 sets of four this way.

Next using my Walgreens smartphone application, I uploaded the two Intagram photos and had them printed at my local Walgreens. They turned out great by the way.  Wonderful quality, quick turn around, and they were only .39 each.


Once I had the prints, I purchased magnet sheets at Hobby Lobby.  I chose the sheets with one sticky side, so that I wouldn't have to glue the photos myself.  I strongly suggest this.  It obviously makes the whole process quicker and easier, but also you don't have to worry about the possibility of your photos getting ruined by the glue.

I simply stuck each photo onto a sheet, cut off the excess magnet, then cut each 2" x 2" square with a sharp pair of scissors.
The end result was a quick, easy and inexpensive gift that my boyfriend loved!  I can't wait to make more!!
A little update since I first created this tutorial....
I've made more.  In fact, I've made a ton more.  Our refrigerator at home is litterally covered in the damn things. 
But seriously...  They are so easy and so inexpensive, yet they make such a cool, unique gift.  Make some.  Just do it.  In fact, make a metric shit-ton and cover every single magnet surface you can find with them.  They're little 2" squares of joy.  You'll thank me. 
My daughter is always getting on my case about my language.  If you read my "Home" page, you'll know that she is the adult in this relationship.  Anywhoo, she is constantly hounding me about cussing in front of her.  Not that I mean to... I just have a very colorful vocabulary.  I contribute it to many years of working in the construction industry.  It is not unusual to hear the f-word used as verb, noun and adjective all in the same sentence when dealing with contractors.  None the less, she is right, and I should try to clean it up around her and the other kiddos.

So, being me, I've been getting creative in my curses.  Yesterday when I was exasperated with a particular situation, I exclaimed "Holy forks and spoons!"  I don't know where that one came from, but I liked it.  It was very comfortable.  It's definitely a keeper. 

I've also began to use the word "Poop" a lot.  "Oh poop!", "That's poopy" and "I don't give a poop" have become some of my "go to" phrases around the house.  However, when I'm among the land of adults, I get some weird looks when I am constantly talking about poop.  Which I do.  Talk about poop.  A lot.

I've also become fond of calling people "Dirty Hippies".  I got that one from my man.  One day I heard him say "Ahhh, you dirty hippie" and it just stuck.   He's also fond of saying "Son of a buck" and "Poopy-sticks".  There we go with the poop again.  It always comes back to the poop.

I have a gal friend that likes to say "Fart-Knocker, Mother-Jumper", but that's too hard for me to pronuciate when I'm flustered or angry.  I end up accidently slipping a swear word in there and then it just me sounding like I have tourrettes or something.

I really feel like there should be a thesaurus specifically to find synonyms for swear words.  Or an app.  Yeah.... there's got to be an app for that.

In the mean time, I guess I'll just stick with poop.